5 Netflix movies with a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes

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In the realm of streaming platforms, Netflix shines as a beacon of diverse content, offering viewers an extensive library of movies spanning various genres, styles, and storytelling techniques.

Among the plethora of titles available, a select few have attained the coveted achievement of a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, indicative of their exceptional quality and widespread acclaim.


“13th” (2016) – Directed by Ava DuVernay

A Groundbreaking Exploration

Ava DuVernay’s “13th” is a groundbreaking documentary that delves into the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States.

Named after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which abolished slavery, the film meticulously examines the systemic inequalities and injustices prevalent within the criminal justice system.


Masterful Storytelling

DuVernay expertly weaves together archival footage, expert interviews, and compelling storytelling to shed light on the deep-rooted history of racial oppression and the modern-day implications of mass incarceration.

“13th” serves as a powerful call to action, challenging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths and advocate for meaningful change.


“American Factory” (2019) – Directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

Globalization and Labor Relations

“American Factory,” directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, provides a captivating glimpse into the complexities of globalization and labor relations in the 21st century.

The documentary follows the opening of a Chinese-owned factory in Ohio, where former General Motors employees are given a second chance at employment.


Nuanced Portrayal

As cultural differences clash and tensions escalate between management and labor, “American Factory” paints a nuanced portrait of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the global economy.

Through intimate interviews and immersive storytelling, Bognar and Reichert capture the hopes, fears, and aspirations of the workers caught in the crossfire of economic transformation.


“Knock Down the House” (2019) – Directed by Rachel Lears

Grassroots Activism

“Knock Down the House,” directed by Rachel Lears, is a stirring documentary that follows the grassroots campaigns of four women running for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.

At the heart of the film is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose underdog campaign in New York’s 14th congressional district captured the nation’s attention.


Power of Grassroots Movements

Lears chronicles the challenges and triumphs of Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow candidates as they navigate the intricacies of political campaigning and challenge entrenched political establishments.

Through intimate interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, “Knock Down the House” offers a powerful testament to the power of grassroots activism and the potential for change in American politics.


“Amanda Knox” (2016) – Directed by Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn

Reexamining a Notorious Case

“Amanda Knox,” directed by Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, is a gripping documentary that reexamines the notorious case of Amanda Knox, an American student convicted and later acquitted of the murder of her roommate in Italy.

Through interviews with Knox, her family, and key figures involved in the case, the film offers a comprehensive overview of the legal proceedings and media frenzy that surrounded the trial.


Blackhurst and McGinn skillfully navigate the complexities of the case, presenting multiple perspectives and raising thought-provoking questions about justice, media sensationalism, and the nature of truth.

“Amanda Knox” serves as a compelling examination of the human cost of a high-profile criminal investigation and the enduring impact of public perception on individual lives.


“Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution” (2020) – Directed by Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht

Celebrating Disability Rights Movement

“Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution,” directed by Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht, is a poignant documentary that chronicles the disability rights movement in the United States, with a particular focus on Camp Jened, a summer camp for disabled teenagers in the 1970s.

Through archival footage and interviews with former campers and activists, the film captures the transformative impact of the camp on its participants and their subsequent role in advocating for disability rights.


Resilience and Determination

Newnham and LeBrecht skillfully blend humor, heartache, and triumph as they chart the journey of the disability rights movement from the grassroots activism of Camp Jened to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.

“Crip Camp” serves as a powerful testament to the resilience and determination of individuals fighting for equality and inclusion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What criteria are used to determine a movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score?

Rotten Tomatoes aggregates reviews from critics and calculates a score based on the percentage of positive reviews.

A perfect score indicates that every critic reviewed the film positively.


How does Netflix contribute to the diversity of cinematic content?

Netflix offers a platform for diverse voices and stories, showcasing films from around the world and spanning various genres and themes.

Are Rotten Tomatoes scores the only measure of a film’s quality?

While Rotten Tomatoes scores provide a snapshot of critical consensus, individual preferences may vary.


It’s essential to consider a variety of factors when assessing a film’s quality.

What impact do documentaries like “13th” and “Crip Camp” have on societal discourse?

Documentaries like “13th” and “Crip Camp” spark conversations about social justice, inequality, and activism, raising awareness and inspiring change.


How does Netflix’s original content contribute to the streaming platform’s success?

Netflix’s original content, including critically acclaimed films like those discussed, sets it apart from competitors, attracting subscribers and fostering a loyal audience base.


In conclusion, the five Netflix movies highlighted in this article represent a diverse array of genres, styles, and subject matters, united by their perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.


From thought-provoking documentaries to gripping dramas, these films have captivated audiences and critics alike with their exceptional quality and universal acclaim.

As streaming platforms like Netflix continue to revolutionize the entertainment industry, they provide a platform for diverse voices and stories, contributing to a rich tapestry of cinematic experiences.


Whether exploring issues of social justice, political activism, or personal triumph, these films exemplify the power of storytelling to inform, inspire, and entertain.

As viewers, we’re reminded of the transformative impact of storytelling and the enduring power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and create positive change in the world.


Through these cinematic journeys, we’re invited to reflect on our society, challenge our perceptions, and embrace the shared humanity that binds us all.


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