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Zodiac Signs Reveal Your Child's Personality

Aries Aries? Insure. Caffeine. Aries kids are lively, energetic fireballs who want to examine everything—whether you want them to or not.

Taurus Ever heard "stubborn as a bull"? Taurus kids—the zodiac's tiny bulls—fit the description.

Gemini If you have a Gemini child in the house, be ready to say "mm-hmm" a lot because you won't be able to say anything else.

Cancer The crab is the sign of the Cancer child, which is perfect because kids born under this sign know how to make good use of their "shell."

Leo Leo kids are the lion cubs of the zodiac, and if they have an opinion, you'll definitely hear them roar.

Virgo Not because they're perfect, but because they'll never try harder to be.