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Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Experience Heart break

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They fully commit to someone. Unfortunately, if the partnership ends, their hearts shatter into a million pieces, and it can take longer to put them back together. If you're one of these signs, you've experienced loss.

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Despite your preference for long-term relationships, which delays sorrow for years, you always end up with a broken heart.

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You've had your heart broken a lot and seem to stew with the pain and resentment longer than most people.

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Due to regret, Scorpios often crush hearts even when they're the ones breaking them. You fiercely guard your hearts, so when you're betrayed, you often lament opening up.

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When you're heartbroken, you're moody. Bring on the sad emo music and tearjerker movie binge. While others avoid heartache, you secretly enjoy it. 

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