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Why Do You Feel Unloved?

Prepare for his potential responses. People react differently to breakups, and it's critical to anticipate how you'll react when confronted with a range of his feelings.

Why am I not adored by anyone? If your parents loved you and did their best, growing up with unloving parents can make you feel unworthy or guilty.

Though loved, I didn't feel it. I was mentally and emotionally malnourished. This is not to say that I hold my folks responsible for anything.

Self-love can partially fill this gap. With increasing clarity and ability to be present with the felt sense of the void, it was a matter of peeling through layers of self-denial.

Are you able to deeply love yourself so that your body and being fully accept your love and can deeply relax?

Personally, I could only do it up to a point before something was still lacking.