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What Your Dogs Dream About?

Our canine may try to claim your bed as his or her own. There's a chance they'll wheeze. But are you aware of what canine dreams consist of?

What do they dream about?

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Human And Dogs

Whether or not a dog's brain treats its waking hours in the same manner that a human brain does is something we don't know.

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Answer is "Yes"

The response to this question is "yes," canines do dream when they are asleep.


Just like humans, complex creatures like cats and dogs have dreams in which they reflect on the things.

Just Like Us

Because of these parallels in brain wave patterns, dogs do, in fact, go through distinct "sleep phases."

Similar Brain

You probably want to believe that when your canine sleeps, he or she is dreaming about you.

Dream about You

Twitching, trembling, muttering, and barking are all behaviours commonly exhibited by dreaming dogs.

Dreaming Signs