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True Price of Owning a Dog

Purchase a canine or puppy on a whim without considering the financial commitment.

Financial Commitment

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Lifetime Cost

Companies that sell insurance for pets estimate that the total cost of owning a dog will be between $10,000 and $16,000.

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Annual Cost

An annual expense of over a 1000 dollars may be incurred, depending on the expected lifespan of the dog.


The annual expense of food is predicted to be between $300 and $450.

Food Cost

Medical expenses associated with this condition could total over $5,000 over its lifetime.

Medical Cost

Depending on the provider, daily rates can vary from $8 to twenty dollars.

Pet Sitter Cost

Typical veterinarian care, such as flea and worm medication, that isn't covered by insurance

Veterinarian care

Toy comparable to one that can be purchased from an expensive pet store for £15.

Toy Cost