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The Most Funniest zodiac Signs

Gemini Please start the drums! Gemini wins the prize for the funniest zodiac sign.

Virgo Mercury rules Practical Virgo, which adds to this sign's sense of humor.

Sagittarius "This fire sign is direct, to the point, and unafraid to crack a joke," Simmons says.

Cancer Cancer, which is governed by the Moon, "is known to have a sarcastic, biting sense of humor that can kind of hurt, but in a humorous way."

Taurus Taurus is similar to Cancer in some ways when it comes to humor, due to their sarcastic tendencies.

Leo Leos have a dramatic sense of humour and flourish on stage. They enjoy being the focus of attention because they are ruled by the sun.

Capricorn "The driest of the bunch," Capricorns have a fine sense of humor that's often overlooked, according to Rose. Still, Capricorns are charming and ambitious.