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The Best Pet for You, Based on Your Zodiac

Aries Aries get tired easily and need an energetic partner.  A Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, or Border Collie will keep Aries busy.

Taurus Tauruses, like most cats, appreciate lounging around and taking in the simple pleasures of life.  While napping, the couple can lie together and experience a warm patch of sunlight. 

Gemini Geminis are chatty and eager. What better sign than a talking animal?  A parrot can be a fun and mentally stimulating confidant.

Cancer Cancers are instinctive, sentimental, and sympathetic. They value their home life and security,  so a soft bunny would make this sensitive sign feel even more at ease.

Leo "While it may appear cliche to say a cat for Leos, I do see a special affinity!" Farrar adds.  Leos (the Lion sign) are extroverted, fiery, and confident.

Virgo Virgos desire order and simplicity. Because Virgos enjoy spending time alone,  they would do well with a tiny hamster.

Libra Libras are genuine romantics.  A pair of lovebirds represents the sweetness and beauty of a Libra.