The Best Bodyweight Workout To Shrink Your ‘Apron Belly’ 

Bodyweight exercises are essential for gym belly fat loss. Pannus stomach or "apron belly." is flabbiness over your favorite jeans. Exercise and a healthy diet can reduce abdominal fat, which is common. This is the best bodyweight workout to lose your apron belly and sculpt it. Show off your jeans and apron in the kitchen!

1. Sprint

Sprinting burns calories fast. The NASM says sprints improve cardio. Sprints increase metabolism, lean muscle, stubborn fat burning, and post-workout oxygen consumption. The NASM says it prevents weight gain, which can cause heart disease and diabetes.

2. Squat

Bodyweight squats reduce apron bellies best. In this compound exercise, MasterClass recommends standing tall with feet hip-width apart. Core-activated straight-back squat. When your thighs are low, press through your feet to stand.

3. Lunges

Standing tall prepares you to lunge forward. Plant one foot on the floor, says BarBend. Lunge with bent front and back knees, avoiding rolling your front knee over your toes. Press through your front foot to restart. Flip and repeat.

4. Pushup

Pushups require a high plank on a workout mat with hands aligned with shoulders and body straight. Breathe deeply and keep your elbows close as you fall. Ascend to a high plank from the floor, pressing away.

5. Burpees

One last burpee to remove the apron. The Cleveland Clinic calls this full-body move cardio and strength training. Stand tall with shoulder-width feet. Keep arms apart. Knee-bending squat. High planks start with hands on ground and legs back. Next, pushup and descend straight. Back to high plank. 

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