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Strange Facts about Cats

Cats have lived alongside people for as long as 10,000 years. For countless centuries, felines have shared the planet with us.

One of the oldest Pet

Initially drawn to the grain stores by mice and other pests, they were carried around the globe by sailors.

Cats on Ships

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Different Varieties

Many different varieties of cats have been developed over the past few centuries as a result of selective breeding for specific characteristics, such as hairlessness.

Multiple Blue Rings

Human & Cat Buried Together

On the island of Cyprus, a human and a cat were buried together around 9,500 years ago, making this the earliest recorded burial of a domesticated cat.


Sites in China dating back 5,300 years have yielded cat bones, indicating that cats were also a part of ancient Chinese culture.

Part of Culture

Bastet, the divinity with the head of a cat, was revered as a guardian and a deity of motherhood.

God Cat

Cats are notoriously difficult to work, they refuse to collaborate when introduced to new people or environments and instead prefer owners arms.

Hard to Work With