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Secrets to Unlocking Your Cat's Personality

Cats are the second most common pet in the United States, but researchers are only now beginning to understand the genetic differences.

Learning about your Cat

When it comes to communicating with humans, cats truly reign supreme. The cat is one of the few species that successfully self-domesticated.

Masters of their own

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No Difference

In terms of genetics, there is no distinction between indoor cats and the strays that populate the streets.

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Daddy's kid

Kittens may learn whether to be fearless or timid from observing their mothers' behaviour around people.


Persians cat are more picky about their diet and their living conditions than the typical stray cat, but they are friendlier and more affectionate to their owners.

Are traits heritable?

The hairless sphinx cat, despite its menacing look, may be the most affectionate of all cats.

Grumpy cats

There is usually peace between cats and canines, and sometimes even between cats and birds or hamsters.

Interspecies love