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Power Color of Each Zodiac Signs

Red is the most important colour for an Aries because it shows confidence, courage, and ambition. Scarlet red shows how strong they are

Aries: Red

"Green shows the qualities of a Taurus: stability, balance, prosperity, and being practical. The perfect colour for the Earth sign

Taurus: Green

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Gemini: Yellow

Yellow is Geminis' power colour because it shows how outgoing and adaptable they are, how much they love to talk


"Silver is the perfect power colour for Cancers because it shows how intuitive, sensitive, and protective they are while giving off a sense of peace 

Cancer: Silver

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Leo: Gold

"Gold is the most powerful colour for Leos because it stands for confidence, ambition, and leadership. Stands for strength, courage, and success."

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Virgo: Brown

The power colour for Virgo is brown, which stands for natural beauty, dependability, and being rooted.


"Pink is the best power colour for Libras because it represents love, balance, beauty, and harmony, all of which this zodiac sign does so well."

Libra: Pink

"Black is a Scorpio's power colour because it shows how private and intense they are, how ambitious they are, and how sophisticated they are."

Scorpio: Black

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Sagittarius: Purple

"Sagittarius's power colour is purple, which stands for creativity, freedom, spirituality, and wisdom. This shows how independent and daring they are."

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Capricorn: Gray

Gray is the most powerful colour for Capricorns because it symbolises sophistication, structure, and dependability, which helps them stay focused


The power colour of Aquarius is blue, which stands for intelligence, communication, and freedom. 

Aquarius: Blue

Light green is Pisces' power colour because it shows how caring, creative, and compassionate they are and helps them grow and connect with others.

Pisces: Light Green

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