Optical Illusion Test: Can You See Number 73 Out of 72 in Just 7 Seconds?

Occurring through tricks with color, patterns, and perspective, optical illusions test our perception and knowledge of the world around us. 

The ability of optical illusions, like the figure-ground illusion, to generate uncertainty is one of their most fascinating features. 

A feeling of visual doubt is created when an image can be perceived in various ways, as in this form of illusion. 

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Artists such as M.C. Escher are well-known for their use of nebulous forms,  

which they employ to create seemingly impossible works of art that challenge traditional ideas of geometry and space. 

It uses geometric patterns to create visual effects that pulsate, shimmer, or vibrate. 

Artists like Bridget Riley have used this method to produce captivating works of art that manipulate the way the observer perceives them. 

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