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Long-Term relation Zodiac Signs

Astrology can disclose a lot about your romantic life. For example, it can inform you if you and the person you're with are a good match or what you need in a partner to be happy.

Taurus Taurus prefers a sensible mate. As fixed signs, they prefer long-term mates.

Cancer Cancers are emotionally sensitive and won't spend their energy on a dead end relationship.

Libra Being in a relationship is essential to Libras, another Venus-ruled sign.

Scorpio "Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means once they commit, they tend to hold on through all the ups and downs," Lang says, even if the relationship has expired.

Capricorn Capricorn is self-sufficient. However, Capricorns who seek relationships set a partnership as their goal and work hard to attain it.