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Is Your Pet Overweight?

Animal obesity has reached epidemic levels, just as it has among people. More than half of all canines and cats worldwide are overweight.

Animal obesity

Animals that are overweight are at increased risk for developing a wide variety of medical problems, from diabetes to rheumatism.

Higher Risk

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Does your lifestyle affect them?

Based to new research, dogs can feel emotionally impacted by their owners' obesity. It causes quality of life, pain, and mental disturbance, owners of overweight pets.

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Find the Issue

So, where is the issue, exactly? Do you think food has too many calories? Can you tell if your pet isn't receiving enough playtime?


Maybe we're too easily swayed by their adorable puppy canine faces and end up giving them too much food.

Too Much Food

Pay more attention to the tried-and-true methods of nutrition and exercise, and less attention to the adherence or the potential causes of obesity in these animals.

Methods of Nutrition

It's time to start chipping away at the idea that pet owners should treat their animals with food as a form of affection.

Avoid Love = Food 

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Go to Vets

It will take a team effort between vets, medical doctors, and psychologists to tackle the problem of pet obesity.