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How to throw a pet birthday party?

To celebrate your pet's birthday, here are some fun ways to plan a safe and easy-to-do party.

You can choose to celebrate your birthday on a date that's easy to remember or on a special occasion.

When to celebrate?

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Where to celebrate?

Your pet's birthday should be special to him or her, so it should be at a place your pet feels most comfortable.

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Who to invite?

Never invite pets into your home unless you're positive your pet will be comfortable.


Remember, it's their birthday, not yours. You should plan the theme around what they're most comfortable with.

How to celebrate?

For your pet, we recommend food that is often known to have wide popularity amongst the pet community.

Food & Drink

Pets aren't into brain games, you can try different types of toys - balls, squeaker toys, chew toys and rope toys.


We hope this made your pet party planning a bit easier! Here's to celebrating your pet today and everyday!