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How to Grooming Your Cat?

Grooming is essential for all cats, but longhaired breeds require extra care.

Grooming your cat also provides a convenient opportunity to inspect it for fleas and other pathogens.

Check Them

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To get rid of any loose hairs, simply stroke your cat with damp palms until the fur is dry.

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Ear Check

their ears were examined to remove any extra wax and remove any other debris or foreign bodies that may have gotten stuck in there.


If the problem persists or worsens, your veterinarian may recommend specialised therapy.

Take them to Vets

You'll need to get a pair of specialised trimmers from the vet or a pet shop if you want to cut your cat's tough claws.


Bathing a cat isn't something that's typically done, but if you find yourself in need of doing so, make sure to use a cat-specific cleanser.

Cat Bath