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How to choose a Pet sitter?

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Do you spend time and energy trying to find the right pet sitter, only to remain home with your pet because you can't find anyone you trust?


If you're worried about leaving your pet with someone who knows nothing about taking care of dogs, hiring pet sitters who also have pets at home can help.

Think about the Pet

Pet sitters should be available on short notice and be willing to adjust their plans to accommodate yours.


Ask for testimonials and referrals from previous clients when interviewing potential babysitters.


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Educated about pets' needs

Professional pet sitters have extensive knowledge of the health, exercise, and mental stimulation requirements of various dog breeds.


Unanticipated crises can be handled most effectively by having a plan in place ahead of time.


Choosing a sitter of the appropriate age is crucial in ensuring your pet is well looked after when you're away.

Right Age

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Excellent at communication

Vacationing pet parents always worry about their pets. So find a helper you can talk to.