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Guide for a Healthier Vacation

Get some healthy things to do on the schedule as well, like a workout class or a hike, when you book your hotel and tour.

Plot It Out

Clothes should be sealed in plastic bags to avoid bringing any potential bedbugs from a motel back home with you.

Stow And Go

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Brown Bag It

When you're hungry at an airport or rest break, pick a salad, but leave the cheese at home.

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Wash Away Germs

Diseases spread as quickly. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant to prevent the spread of sickness on board.


Take a short stroll for at least five minutes every two hours if you can, regardless of how far you have to travel.

Shake a Leg

When the eyes send the brain conflicting messages, motion sickness can result. You can keep your stomach calm by avoiding too much visual stimulus.

Rock Steady

Don't let jet fatigue ruin your first day on the road. Drink plenty of water and stay away from alcoholic beverages.

Get in the Zone

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Rest Easy

Stick to your regular bedtime ritual; if you wouldn't normally watch television or use the Internet in bed, then there's no reason to start doing so here.