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Find Out If Every Sign in the Zodiac Likes You

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Confusion abounds in the dating scene. It can be difficult to determine if someone likes you. Individuals have varying degrees of interest. It's a very intricate game.


The Aries sun sign is the zodiac's leader and the most outspoken sign, so it's no surprise that this sign pursues its goals fearlessly

Aries: They make the first move.

Venus-ruled Taurus are seductive. They express love through modest presents, service, and touch.

Taurus: They shower you with affection.

Geminis appreciate flirting, talking, and intelligence. They'll start conversations and ask inquiries.

Gemini: They're extra flirty and playful.

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Cancer: They invite you into their life

Cancers are shy daters yet kind partners. They recall specifics and host partners.


Leos are confident, charming, and magnetic. People like showing love on social media.

Leo: They try hard to impress you.

Virgos are reserved and slow to warm up. They serve their crush and befriend them.

Virgo: They open up emotionally.

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Libra: They show you off to the world.

Libras are flirty because Venus rules them. They'll want to spend all their time and attention on you if they like you.

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Scorpio: They want to know everything about you

Scorpios bond deeply and are private. They'll want your secrets. Infatuation causes jealousy or protection.

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Sagittarius: They treat you like a best friend.

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians aren't "types." They date who feel like best friends. Honest interest, but won't commit without chemistry.


Capricorns love practically and have high standards. They commit slowly but will do whatever to win you over.

Capricorn: They make you a priority.

Aquarians reject traditional dating, but if they make time for you and introduce you to friends, things are going well. .

Aquarius: They make an effort to be around you

Artists and intuitive Pisces. Hopeless romantics display their love with affection.

Pisces: They make you the center of their world.