Festive Goat Cheese Balls Recipe

The holidays are about celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones. Our holiday traditions include delicious food and good company. However, parties, celebrations, and Christmas preparations can make home cooking difficult. 

– 12 ounces goat cheese – 2 tablespoons cream cheese – 1 tablespoon honey – 2 sprigs fresh rosemary – ⅓ cup whole raw walnut – ¼ cup dried cranberrie – ¾ teaspoon flaked sea salt – ⅓ teaspoon ground black pepper



A large bowl should be used to combine the goat cheese, the cream cheese, and the honey. 

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After thoroughly covering the mixture and placing it in the freezer for a half an hour, mash the cheeses and honey together to combine them. 

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For the fresh rosemary leaves, mince them. To achieve the consistency of coarse crumbs, the walnuts should be finely chopped in a food processor by doing a series of pulses. 

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Utilizing the food processor, the dried cranberries should be chopped into very small pieces. 

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In a bowl, combine the chopped rosemary, walnuts, and cranberries with the salt and pepper. Mix well. Spread evenly. 

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Put the cheese mixture that has been chilled out of the freezer. Roll the cheese mixture into balls between your palms after scooping tablespoons of it out of the bowl. 

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A thorough coating of the goat cheese balls should be achieved by gently rolling them through the mixture of rosemary, walnuts, and cranberries.

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