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Easy Ways to Break Up With Him

Know when to break up. While this may seem obvious, it can take a long time to gain the confidence to understand that you don't have to go out with every guy who asks. 

Don't go to extremes We've all met men who don't return phone calls or emails, leaving you wondering what happened and whether you'll ever hear from him again.

Don't be cruel just to be mean. Don't blow up and utter all the nasty things you've been holding in for months.

Don't use clichés "It's me, not you"? This line lets you split up without criticizing your ex.

Don't break up with him in public You might think a public breakup will make things easier since he won't want to cause a fuss, but it's rude and will embarrass him. 

Prepare for his potential responses. People react differently to breakups, and it's critical to anticipate how you'll react when confronted with a range of his feelings.