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Dog Breeds That Love Water

The water skills of this breed of dog are second to none because they were developed for life on the sea.

Golden Retriever

Even though these magnificent big canines weren't bred to swim, they can learn to love the water with the right introduction.

German Shepherd

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There are a lot of reasons why Newfoundlands adore water. Their bulky physiques give them the fortitude to brave dangerous seas.

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Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish water dog is a natural swimmer and adores the ocean. Because of their powerful build, these canines find swimming to be a breeze.


The barbet's unique genetic make-up gives them advantageous physical traits for life in the sea.


American water spaniels may not be the swiftest swimmers, but they can go the distance.

American Water Spaniel

These canines are also amenable to training for a variety of aquatic tasks, such as dock diving and water retrieval. Schipperkes enjoy swimming just for fun!