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Dog Breeds that Are Easy Maintenance

Low Maintenance Dogs are dog types that don't necessitate a lot of time and energy from their owners

Because of how thin their hair is, they only need to be brushed once a week. Just taking a short stroll around the block every day will do. 


Multiple Blue Rings


The breed is content with a daily stroll of only 15 to 20 minutes.

Multiple Blue Rings


They get their daily exercise by pacing from couch to sofa, though 15 minutes of walking a day is recommended.


Given that they are generally healthy, you can relax about taking them in for medical checkups.

Labrador Retriever

Minimal grooming requirements (brushing, bathing) and annual visits to the doctor

Russell Terrier

A weekly brushing will keep the shedding to a minimal. The simple act of playing diversions like Fetch is sufficient.


They have a manageable appetite and won't cause you much problem.