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Does Daylight Saving Time have an Effect on Pets?

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You might not give much thought to how the change to daylight saving time could affect your pet's routine — eat, sleep, eat, sleep.


Artificial environment in which pets typically exist, in which light is turned on not with the rising sun but with the flip of a switch, helps to mitigate this impact.

Artificial environment

From the perspective of animals, we humans act very strange when we adjust the clocks ahead or behind to accommodate our favored working environment during daylight.

Perspective of Animals

Animals may experience both mental and physical strain as a result of this change in behavior.

Behaviour Change

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Changed Dinner Time

When household dogs arrive at their "dinner time," and find the food dish empty, pets might get grumpy.


Altering the animal's routine minute-by-minute rather than all at once can help it adjust to the new routine more easily.

Gradually Change

Dogs in households typically develop routines revolving around the times they are taken for walks and fed.

Timely Walks

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Keep your Pets in Mind

It's important to keep your dogs in mind this weekend as you spring forward an hour in daylight saving hour.