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Does a Fish have Emotion?

There are those who think fish are emotionless and painless. However, do fish feel emotions?

Do you think they are emotionless?

Fish certainly feel feelings. At least, that's what researchers have found after testing a wide variety of species.

Fish can Feel

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Depression in Fish

Fish that spend most of their time in the tank's bottom half are likely nervous or depressed.

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Not on the Human level 

Many people believe that fish do not experience "depression" or "anxiety" on the same level that humans do.


Because of their presumed lack of a developed nervous system and the inability to communicate pain, fish have long been held to be pain-free.

They lack nervous system

It's easiest and most responsible to say fish might experience pain for now. They may experience pain, but it would be very dissimilar to the kind of suffering a person would experience.

They might feel pain

It seems that fish experience a range of feelings. They do not, however, feel them on a human-typical level. 

Seems Fish can have Emotions