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Do Dogs Watch Television?

You've come to the right spot if you've ever wanted to know if dogs watch television and, if so, what shows they enjoy the most.

So, do dogs watch television? It's one of those strange dog behaviour questions that pet owners are always curious about, so we asked pet experts to weigh in.

Strange Behviour

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Attention to Motion

[A dog's interest will vary] based on their attention span and attention to motion, just like humans.

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They may also respond to TV noises, though this is dependent on the volume setting.


The TV is left on by many owners as a distraction for their pets.


Suggests like watching TV with your companion is not a good substitute for spending time together in person.


Due to the fact that dogs have a very limited colour range, people have a significant advantage over them.

They can't See Color

It's not easy to guess how dogs feel about TV and whether they believe it's genuine or not.

Real or Not