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Different Breeds of BullDogs

Bulldogs, also known as English bulldogs or British bulldogs, are a medium-sized canine breed.

They are stereotypically described as short and stocky with a wrinkled visage and a quiet demeanour.

English Bulldog

Multiple Blue Rings

French Bulldog

This type resembles the English Bulldog physically, but is considerably smaller.

Multiple Blue Rings

American Bulldog

They're popular as working canines, especially in the fields of hunting and farming.


Both the English Bulldog and the Bullmastiff contributed to the creation of this hybrid type.

Victorian Bulldog

It was in the southern United States that this breed was created; its original purpose was to serve as a working dog on fields and ranches.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

They tend to be of a stout build and affable demeanour, and they are about the size of a human.

Australian Bulldog