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Cat Breeds That Love Water

While most cats have a well-documented aversion to wet environments, there are a select few varieties that actually thrive in the water.

This type of cat is known as the "swimming cat" due to its affinity for aquatic activities.

Turkish Van

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The Bengal breed is well-known for its affinity for the water, and many of them enjoy spending time in the bathroom.

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Maine Coon

Even though they may not be natural swimmers, Maine Coons, a large breed of cat, love playing in the water.


Many Savannah cats share the breed's penchant for exploration and fun, and many also find water to be a fascinating new toy.


Some Abyssinians appreciate water for recreation and even swimming, though this is not the case for everyone.


His species is known for its vivacious spirit and natural curiosity, both of which may make it a hit in the pool.

Japanese Bobtail