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10 Most Affordable Dogs

Friendly, active, and low-maintenance, Beagles can be had for a reasonable price.


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Chihuahuas are small dogs that can be purchased for a cheap cost. They are low-maintenance in terms of hygiene.

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The Dachshund is an affordable breed of canine that is both high-energy and playful.


Jack Russell Terriers are inexpensive, high-energy companion animals.

Jack Russell Terrier

As small canines go, Miniature Pinschers tend to go for less than average.

Miniature Pinscher

Papillons are small, sociable, active, and low-maintenance canines.


Pugs are inexpensive canines that are loving and entertaining.


Rat terriers are lively, shrewd pets that don't break the bank.

Rat Terrier

Miniature canines of the Shih Tzu breed are known for their warmth and ease of care.

Shih Tzu

Since they are tiny, Yorkshire Terriers can be had for a reasonable cost.

Yorkshire Terrier

Dogs With the Shortest Lifespans